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  Jury of the I Edition of the
“Jaime Fernández de Araoz Corporate Finance” Award

The members of the Jury of the I Edition of the “Jaime Fernández de Araoz Corporate Finance” Award were:


  • Alberto Ibáñez, Chairman of Citigroup España


  • Aldo Olcese, Chairman of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts


  • Claudio Aguirre Pemán, Chairman of Altamar Capital Privado;
  • Diego del Alcázar Silvela, Chairman of the Instituto de Empresa;
  • Ignacio Álvarez Rendueles, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs;
  • Claudio Boada Pallares, Chairman of Lehman Brothers;
  • José Manuel Campa, Proffessor at IESE;
  • Guillermo de la Dehesa, Vice Chairman Goldman Sachs Europe;
  • Juan Entrecanales Franco, Chairman of NECSO, Deputy Chairman Acciona;
  • Oscar Fanjul, Vice-Chairman of Omega Capital;
  • Alejandro Fernández de Araoz Gómez-Acebo, Founding partner of firm Araoz & Rueda, abogados;
  • Carlos Fernández de Araoz Gómez-Acebo, Partner-director of Monitor Group Hispania;
  • Santiago Fernández Valbuena, General Director of Finance and Resources of Telefónica;
  • Carlos Gascó, General Director of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts;
  • Javier Loizaga, Managing Director of Mercapital;
  • José Luis Madariaga, Chairman of PriceWaterhouseCoopers-Spain;
  • Felipe Oriol, Chairman of Corpfin Capital;
  • Rafael del Pino, Chairman of Ferrovial;
  • Rafael Repullo, Director of the Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros;
  • Miquel Roca, Founding partner of the law firm Roca Junyent;
  • Juan Rodríguez Inciarte, General Director of Grupo Santander;
  • Eduardo Serra, Chairman of UBS
  • Jorge Villavechia, General Manager Grupo Damm.